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A famous manufacturer specializing in developing, producing and
selling of engines and other machinery.



Changzhou Hefeng Roben Machinery Co,. Ltd. is a professional R & D, production and sales of engine manufacturing enterprises and the supporting units, the production of various types of engines and their supporting units, the annual output and sales has always been among the best in the industry.


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  • 产品概要: Cylinder, air filter, muffler and the design of the fuel tank to improve, so that it has the advantages of light weight, delicate features better integration in the product, more c...
  • 产品概要: Able to adapt to the harsh environment of the site, long service life, high reliability. The product comes out 2 years, do not have quality problem complain together. High cost per...
  • 产品概要:
  • 产品概要: